Milk with 8g fat.


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Name: jenny

Gender: female

Self photo: the selfies i was always in dilemma of publishing


Food: my fav food is every single dessert ever yepp

Drink: iced coffee om g and also milkshakes and energy drinks and diet coke and water of course!

Book: lolita, great gatsby, hunger games trilogy, hp books

Movie: edward scissorhands, high school musical (but not the third one omg), battle royale, the grand budapest hotel, princess mononoke and so much more i can’t think of ?!

TV Shows: the inbetweeners omg and also avatar!! and again more i can’t think of ??!!

Band: mcr will always be my fav i’m still crying, fob, exo, f(x), snsd, …..alot more i can’t think of rn….

Place: bed

School subject: english lit

Sport: volleyball and tennis but they require someone to play with so…

Male actor: literally every film i watch i fall in love with someone

Female actor: aGAIN I FALL IN LOVE


Siblings: older sister and younger brother

Dream job: $$$$$$$$$$

Fears: heights, gore/mutilation, change, the future, my future *sweats*

Ethnicity: british/albanian

Tattoos: nahh

Piercings: only my ears

Languages: english and albanian


Reason behind my url: kogyaru is a japanese fashion!

Why you joined: this girl i was friends with on facebook had her tumblr linked and she reblogged loads of memes and i thought they were hilarious so i wanted in

First url: i- i can’t remember omg i’ve been through so many fandoms and blogging stylesΒ 

# of blogs: this one and cake-girls my sideblog (kpop)