milk with 8g of fats.



people who use the xD face are still naive and full of life. they are happier than us. do not rain on their parade

teenxenolovemingling asked: Oh my god I'm so sorry about the people you have to deal with in asks. They are sooo persistent and rude to you and you are sooo patient :'(

O H MY GOSH!! this is so nice!! u are so nice!! 

thank you lil dude wow! and yeah it sucks like i literally can’t believe that person either??! 

they just didn’t know when to q u i  t and i dID TRY, i was being as nice as possible but i eventually had to send them to the shadow realm b/c i cannot be dealing with this

Anonymous asked: eh how do u edit the ask like "tell park chanyeol i love h-"


okay friend, basically you go on the settings button (which is next in line from your inbox button on your dashboard), then you scroll down to the ‘Ask’ section and where it says ‘Ask page title’ under that by default it should already say “Ask me anything” but delete that text and type the text ya want instead!!

and save it by hitting enter!!

lolixi | do not edit.

lolixi | do not edit.